Canoe Trip

family canoeing

Recently I took a canoe trip with my family. We had decided that we hadn't used the canoe in too long and found a supposedly nice place over in Alabama. We drove over and brought our new dog, Rusty. When we got there, the place was packed. We only had about 10ft to set up our tent in and live for a night. We took the canoe off the top of the car and brought it down to the waters edge. Then we all got in, including Rusty. We paddled away from shore and away from all the people, until we got far away from shore and were passed by motoring fishermen. We paddled as fast as we could to the other side of the lake and found it completely bare. No sign of human life until we turned ourselves around and saw the campsites. We decided quickly to face the other direction. We paddled back to our campsite and ate dinner. Then we went to bed, paddled around a little more the next day, then went home. It was a fun trip, besides all the people.

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