Virtual Camp Chief Hector
Photos and article by Geoffrey R. Tenney (age 9)

images of Camp Chief Hector At camp chief Hector I was a Chiniquay for the last two years. I had a very busy week. We get up at 7:30 and do one of three clubs. I did Polar bear club which means we go swimming. At 8:30 the flag gets raised and we sing "Oh Canada". Then two people from my teepee go and set tables. Then we get to eat breakfast. The food is great. Sometimes we even have pancakes.

After breakfast we get to choose an activity like horseback riding, climbing wall, ropes and challenge course, canoeing, or arts and crafts.

At night we sometimes have a camp fire and our counselors do a variety show. We also learn songs. My Mum went to camp when she was a kid and she even learned some of the same songs I learned.

For two of the days we go on an overnight hiking trip where we carry all our stuff with us in our backpacks. Then we mostly eat peanut butter. There is also a lot of hiking then. Last year we went up little Mount Baldie. From the top you can see for hundreds of miles. It's cool!

This year I'm going to be a Mystaya. That means I get to go to camp for two whole weeks. I can't wait. Every year when my Mum and Dad come to pick me up I have asked to stay longer and this year I get to.

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