Field Photographer's Checklist


Standard Equipment
camera body
second camera body (for running 2 types of film)
favorite lens
wide-angle lens (20mm or 24mm)
telephoto lens
long focal-length zoom (75 to 300 or 200 to 400 are ideal)
short focal-length zoom (28 to 80 or 28 to 75 are ideal)

Lens with true macro setting (for that perfect flower shot)
20 short rolls of 50 slide film
20 short rolls of 100 slide film
4 to 6 extra rolls of high speed film
color print film
B&W print film
polarizing filter
Warming filter(s) (81A)
Cooling filter
Neutral gradiating density filter
Other filters (your favorites)
Extra tripod mount bracket
Bean bag (at least 4" X 8" for shots out the car window)

Lens tissue
Lens cleaning fluid
Plastic diffuser (for pre-exposing film)
Plastic bags (to protect camera in rain)

Digital Equipment (optional)
Digital camera body
External flash (recommended if available)
2 84M flashcards
4 16MB flash cards
Laptop and necessary cords (for downloading images at the end of the day)
Extra set of batteries
filters (if available)
Tripod mount plate (to fit the tripod above)
Additional lenses (recommended if available)
S video cable/Patch cords (for viewing slide show at the end of the day)


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