Backpacking Checklist


Lightweight over the ankle, lug soled hiking boots, preferably waterproof.
2-3 pairs socks that wick moisture
Polypro, silk or Thermax long underwear top and bottom (I)
Waterproof / Breathable jacket and pants
Fleece top (and pants if temp is low)
Quick dry, lightweight pants or shorts (zip off combos made of Suplex work well)
Quick dry shirt - cotton or silk T in hot weather
lightweight polypro hat and gloves if cold / rainy
brimmed hat
sun glasses with strap and case
water filter
backpack stove and fuel
lightweight, compact sleeping bag
backpacking tent
first-aid kit
Nalgene water bottles (2)
sleeping pad
small nylon tarp
small cook kit (Teflon coated pot with lid, pot grips, sierra cup and a wooden spoon)
camp and trail food
pocket knife or multi-tool
headlamp and batteries
lighter and matches
toilet paper
sunscreen and bug juice
duct tape (wrap a few feet around a pencil or something)
a good book (one of our on-trail favorites is "The Wild Food Trailguide" by Alan Hall)
nylon cord (for bear rope, clothes line, etc.)
a good pack to throw it all in and a well planned route to follow...


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