The Kids Roadtrip Survival List


** Everything here fits in one daypack for kids to carry on their own

1 daypack
2 beanbag animals (only 1 would get lonely when you're out an about)
1 box crackerjack
1 roll lifesavers
1 coloring book
1 box colored pencils (crayons melt and are messy)
1 pencil sharpener
1 clipboard
1 disposable camera
1 sketch pad

2 story, picture or reading books (depending on age)
1 activity or puzzle book
toothbrush and toothpaste
1 oversized teeshirt
1 pr. socks
hairbrush or comb
2 juice boxes
1 book about your destination
2 tapes or CD's of your favorite music
50 pennys (for playing checkers, backgammon or tick-tac-toe on a board you make on a piece of paper)


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