Wilderness Survival Kit


80 food, medical and survival items, which, along with training and common sense, could save your life. Reclosable plastic bags can also be used to hold water and wild edible foods as they are collected, and the can is useful as a cup, a cooking pot, or as a signal mirror.

1-Round Tin Can
1-14" Length of Plastic Tape
1 -Survival Booklet
1-Set of instructions for assembling of complete fishing kit and other tools
1-Skein of 25 Ft. 550 Paracord (7 Strands): Unravel from taped end
1-Skein of 25 Ft. Nylon Twine
2-Pkgs. Chicken Boullion
3-Pkgs. Salt
1-1 oz. bottle 10% Povidone Iodine,with instructions
3-2x2 Sterile Gauze Pads
1-Pkg Analgesic (Motrin, Bayer, Anacin or Tylenol)
1-Folding Lockback Knife
1-Slingshot Rubber
2-Wire Snares, pre-made
1-Pkt. 3 Ft. Surveyor's Tape
1 -Candle

1-WSI Hot Spark Flint
2-Pkgs. Cotton Firestarter
4-Safety Pins, Assorted Sizes
1-Full Matchbook, wrapped with 25 Ft. Monofilament Fishing Line (8# Test)
1---WSI Fishing Reel, wrapped with 60 Ft. Braided Fishing Line (18# Test)
1-Gaff Hook
2-Small Nails, for attaching Gaff Hook
8-Fishing Hooks, Assorted Sizes
4-Fishing Line Jigs with Microtubes or grubs
1-Extra Jighead with hook
4-Fishing Line Swivels, Assorted Sizes
6~Split Shot, Assorted Sizes
3-Plastic Curltail Grub Lure Bodies
1-Sewing Kit (Needle & Thread)
1- extra plastic bag


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