A Brief Biography of Terri Robbins

My cap'n Dave and I first met on a blind date on a sailboat. I had lived in Florida most of my life, spent some time in the Keys, owned a 55 foot dive boat named "RaRaRu", and worked on sailboats (at port) from time to time, but had never been out on one until the day I met my (now) husband. I had always dreamed of sailing away, but never had the courage to actually do it.

Dave and I ended up at a cookout that evening and talked sailing all night. He told me of his dreams to sail away to Aruba, and I enthusiastically listened. We agreed we had alot in common and decided to have a relationship. Just like that! He warned me, however, that he fully intended to follow his dream.

Well, two years later we got married, bought "Patience", our 34' sloop, and sailed off with the morning's light to points then unknown. We didn't really have a "plan". If we made it to Aruba, fine, if not, we'd have fun ANYWAY! Life is too short to talk dreams and not fulfill them. We were young (in our 30s!) and wanted to sieze the day.

It has been three years since our return from that wonderful sailing adventure, and yesterday (6/13/95) my cap'n woke to the alarm clock and said, "Honey, let's go sailing". I said, "ok" and we have now made plans to set sail for, again, points unknown by, October 1, 1995. We plan to head from Washington, NC to Beaufort, NC and mingle with the other sailors heading south for the winter, and make the decision as to where to go at that time. We have learned from experience - on a sailboat you have to "go with the flow" or "which-ere' the wind blows"!

Dave is a recent graduate from NCSU College of Engineering with a Mechanical Engineering degree. Terri is a stained glass artist and also currently works with NCSU College of Textiles, but handed in her resignation this morning (6/14/95) to ready the boat. They're GOING SOMEWHERE!!!

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