Moraine Lake Lodge

Lake Louise, Alberta, Canada

Moraine Lake Lodge today is a post-and-beam structure graced with grand windows providing generous views of the lake, with its incomparable turquoise hue, and the surrounding Valley of the Ten Peaks. Guests are steeped in a natural setting that offers canoeing, hiking, nature-watching, climbing and photography. Dining ranges from back-country elegant to open-air fresh and there is a wide variety of clothing and gifts available the the Trading Post. Day users and overnight guests have distinct areas for their enjoyment - the library for instance, serves as a congenial common room where overnight guests can relax after a hike, meet other travelers and read quietly by the fire.

At Moraine Lake Lodge, people are inspired to enjoy each other as much as the natural beauty surrounding them. As Walter Wilcox was the first to observe, a half-hour or a week spent in this setting can be the happiest of a lifetime.

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