Ancient Pathways - a guiding company in Flagstaff, Arizona

Since 1989, Ancient Pathways has been offering experientially-based courses in Wilderness Skills, Mammal Tracking, and Primitive Technology. Our programs are designed for those seeking to develop proficiency with both primitive and modern wilderness skills and increase their confidence in the outdoors. Each course combines the fields of anthropology and natural history, with plenty of practical outdoor skills and hands-on field experience. After one of our courses, you will walk away with a solid grounding in each subject, plenty of handcrafted items, and a wealth of outdoor skills that will immediately enrich your next wilderness outing.

We hold our courses in the Flagstaff area which is located on the southern edge of the Colorado Plateau. In addition to being a ninety-minute drive from the Grand Canyon, you will be surrounded by immense Ponderosa Pine trees, stunning mountains, and nearby prehistoric ruins. Arizona's unique range of ecosystems allows participants to experience a wide array of life-zones, from the low Sonoran desert to Alpine conditions.

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