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PORTO Club Travel services (located in Iraklion Crete -Greece) operates business specializing in accommodated tours, sport tours, cultural tours and educational tours for schools. Our inspections and offer is tailored to your needs and budget. Including in our offer is the transportation, proposals, imagination, Cretan hospitality and the unknown beauty of Crete. We will take you anywhere around Crete.

Mountain Biking Crete

How we run our tours:
Mountain Biking Crete runs all its tours and Expeditions in a simple and professional way to provide a safe and all inclusive service. We include transport, bikes, equipment, snacks & refreshments for the day tours plus traditional meals for the length of the tour for the week ends or the multi days of the customized tours. We include all that is in our price so that everyone knows exactly what to expect.

The bikes:
All of our bikes are 1995 or 1997 models of the brand name GT with cro-moly or aluminium frames and Shimano components. All bikes are in excellent condition.

Biking / Mountain Biking
The rides here are a selection of some very interesting spots we could find. We recommend that all bikers ride within their abilities and take advice from our guides. For mountain biking the trails are awesome , but be careful out there.

The groups :
You can either loin one of the scheduled tours or you may try to form a group of your own. The standard tours are designed for groups of 8 - 12 people; A good size to be flexible and meet plenty of interesting new people. We have two persons to accompany the group [ one guide and one bus driver ] for each standard tour. We have designed our tours so that everyone can ride at their own speed and take advantage of the full experience of our personnel near.

Private customized trips :
The ultimate in flexibility. Crete offers a wonderful array of activities to suit the casual traveler, the eco-tourist or the single sport enthusiast. Here is your opportunity to see the best of Crete at your own pace and at a price to fit your budget.

Tour level:
We are offering tours for all levels of biking & mountain biking experience.

  1. For cyclists who can make short rides [ 25 - 30 km ]
  2. For cyclists who can make longer trips [ 30 - 50 km ]
  3. For cyclists with significant strength and experience [ 50 - 100 plus km. ]

Cansellations and Refunds
Up to 30 days before the arrival 100% the deposit except the bank expenses. Up to 21 days before the arrival 50% refund of the deposit. Less than 14 days before the arrival NO REFUND. For your financial protection PORTO Club is a fully licensed travel agency - tour operator

PORTO CLUB - Travel Services

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