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Tour guides and tourists headed for Florence have an unprecedented opportunity to book reservations in advance for a splendid tour which includes the Palazzo Vecchio, the Uffizi Gallery, the Vasari Corridor and the Boboli Gardens. Previously difficult to obtain, reservations are now a mouse-click away at the Weekend a Firenze web site: http://www.waf.it/mall

The guided tour, named the "Percorso del Principe" or literally "the Route of the Princes", follows the same path the powerful Medici family once used daily. The tour begins in the Palazzo Vecchio, and continues through the Uffizi Gallery (previously the Medici's offices), runs along the Vasari Corridor, which traverses the Arno River via the top of the Ponte Vecchio, and ends at the Pitti Palace(with a tour of the Boboli Gardens behind the Palace, rather than a tour of the palace itself).

Of critical importance is the inclusion of the Vasari Corridor on this tour. The corridor provides a direct link between the two palaces, and was constructed in 1565, under the orders of the Grand Duke Cosimo I, providing safe passage for the Medici family. Previously, a tour of the corridor has been practically impossible to arrange from abroad, and reservations, in any case, have been very limited. The tour is very popular, therefore travel agents and tourists are advised to make reservations well in advance.

"We are proud to make such an exclusive tour available on the Internet" says Alessandro Naldi, Marketing Manager of the Weekend a Firenze web site. "Reservations for this tour are not even available at the Uffizi itself".

For more information, visit the Weekend a Firenze web site, http://www.waf.it/mall which specializes in handmade Florentine products, and also sells tickets for all major concerts, theatre, ballet and opera performances in Florence and Tuscany.

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Last Updated: Friday, January 08, 2001