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What Type of Camp Should You Attend?

Find out what type of camp best suits your personality before you shell out the money and end up in camper's purgatory. By selecting the radio button that best describes you the quiz will calculate your answers on the fly. Hit the "Submit" button at the bottom you will be sent to a page that gives you additional information based on your classification and additional sites on the web to look at for information.

1. I am...

Looking to go solo
Traveling with a friend or spouse
Bringing the family including the kids
Traveling with a large group

2. The age range is...

Between 21 and 35
18 to 60
From babies to seniors
Over 55 and/or under 18

3. The most important factor in accommodations is...

Low price
luxury and comfort
all inclusive
variety of organized activities

4. Of the activities below, I would most enjoy...

Rock climbing, kyaking, base jumping and white water rafting
Backpacking, sailing, hiking and canoeing
Horseback riding, swimming and cycling
4-Wheeling, playing outdoor games and swimming

5. My budget is...

Budget? What budget! Less than $150 per person per week
$150 ot $500 per person per week
$501 to $1000 per person per week
Budget? What budget! Over $1000 per person per week.

6. My prefered method of travel is...

On foot.
By non-motorized vehicle or animal.
By car or jeep.
The quickest, least strenous way possible.

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