A Parent's Airplane Survival Guide


* The contents of this list will fit in a diperbag. For older children use the Kids Roadtrip Survival Checklist and add 1 pack of gum to take the place of the pacifier.

1 diperbag
1 pacifier (even if they don't use one it will give the child something to suck on during takeoff and landing which will clear their ears. Should theabsolutely refuse to take it you have a juice bottle to play backup)
1 8oz bottle of juice (apple is great because it's sweet)
small pkg handiwipes (or place a few from a larger package in a zip-lock bag)
small wash cloth (if junior starts to cry, a wam washcloth is often soothing. It can also be used to chew on)
change of clothes
1 pr booties
1 box of 8 Neon-coloured crayons (if your child can't color they you can. The will find watching you add pretty colors to pages fascinating. Once you've drawn pictures you can make them move in front of him or her)

1 pad blank paper
1 small music box
1 beanbag animal
1 ziplock bag of toasted o-shaped cereal (for children over 9mos - even if your child has no teeth to eat these they are still fun to play with. For toddlers you can use them and attempt to play tic-tac-toe)
1 storybook (cloth is ideal for children under 2)
1 FAA approved child safety seat!! (This is imperative! It will cost a lot more to buy a child under 2 their own seat but if something were to happen you will be required to put the child on the floor at your feet without it. Is it worth it?!)


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