Diary of a Mad Galley Wench

UPDATE: As of 10/6/94
by Teri Robbins
(This is the continuation of Ms. Robbins' 6 Month diary.
Parts 1, 2, 3, 4 and 5 were published in past issues)

Dave and Peggy, from "To Boldly Go" now spend their days cruising somewhere near Venezuela or BVIs. Happily!

Fred and Barbara, from "Orion" were last heard from heading for the Exumas.

Kim and Kay, from "Blue Whale" have her dry-docked in Florida and just became proud owners of a Tayana '37 named "Equity".

Pat and Nelson, from "Harambee" have docked her and bought a Winnebego and are currently touring the country, soon to visit North Carolina!

Jeff and Liz, from "Sea Lure" were last seen living on her in Ft. Lauderdale, but their where-abouts are currently a mystery.

Carmen (remember Carmen??? The very, very religious Bahamian barmaid who was absolutely certain the rapture was upon us, who was constantly trying, bless her heart, to save my soul!) has since gotten married, but Nelson, manager of "Tiki Hut" drowned in a night fishing incident with a shark (remember the stories told by the cute little blonde waitress at Green Turtle Cay who has lost many family members to sharks???).

Terry Waldon, from "Lady of the Lake" (gigolo) met a young lady while posing as a "photographer" during the sailing regatta in Green Turtle Cay, married her 6 weeks later in Texas, and last I heard were expecting their first child!

Tom Hutchins, from "Mystic" (who saw me on the deck of "Patience" while I was mending a sail in Hope Town and remembered us from Wrightsville Beach, North Carolina) is now back in Banks Channel, but a bad front came through and "Mystic" broke her dock lines and was swept out the channel, doing severe damage to her keel, and is now in repairs at Masonboro Boat Yard.

Jim and Sandy, from "Ocarina" sold her in St. Augustine, Fl, and are now living in Knoxville, TN, but are contemplating moving to Wrightsville Beach, North Carolina, and frequently meet the crew from "Patience" in the beautiful North Carolina mountains!

Jim and Lisa (the Boinkers) have married and are now happily settled in Raleigh, North Carolina, and own a cabin in the beautiful North Carolina mountains where "Patience" and "Ocarina" crews meet from time-to-time trade old sea stories.

Ken (who played basketball with a coconut and hoop nailed to a palm tree at Great Guana Cay, and who was snorkeling behind Terri and Foul Cay as a 6 FOOT BARRACUDA FOLLOWED HER!! :-() )has graduated from college and now live and works in Raleigh, North Carolina.

Harry, from "Odysee" (who fell "up" the stairs at the "Tiki Hut" during Raggae night and broke his ankle, but felt no pain (then) is now back in Raleigh, North Carolina and sees Scott (one of the 4 drunk men and a parrot staying on "Patience" in Marsh Harbour) from time-to-time.

Cap'n Jacks (with the strongest rum drinks in the islands) (I hate rum) has remodeled and no longer serves the strongest rum drinks in the islands (probably thanks to DooDa!!).

Bill and Linda, from "WindWeaver" sold her and moved to Rocky Mount, North Carolina (our neighbors!) and just became proud owners of a catamaran docked in Little Washington, North Carolina.

John and Maureen, from "Sunrise", left from Little Washington, North Carolina, en route for the Abacos October 4, 1994.

Phil and Barb, from "Plan-B" left for the Abacos from Little Washington, North Carolina, en route for the Abacos last of September, 1994.

Dave, Terri from "Patience" just moved her from Wrightsville Beach, North Carolina to Little Washington, North Carolina so they could have someone to "play with" and are currently planning their next adventure!

Bart (remember Bart?) resides happily at home in his cage, and squawks up a storm every time he hears Jimm Buffet!

Herman (remember Herman? The hermit crab from "Powell Cay" found as Cap'n Dave stopped only long enough to tie his fronds?) died in a saltwater experiment and is now buried in the back yard. (His huge claw, however, is prominently displayed in my bowl of Abaco shell memorabilia.)

And "Memory Rock" is still burnt out (I'll never forget that damned rock!!@#$!%).

The End

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1996 - Terri Robbins
21st Century Adventures - May/June 1996