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"If your idea of a good vacation is a staying at a Holiday Inn, fine dining, and window shopping, this site is NOT for you! Adventuresome travelers will love the well-written articles and budget travel advice. Participate in the travelers' forum and tell some stories of your own, or take a virtual adventure with Real Audio. An adventure travelers' dream! "


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"21st Century Adventure - Cool adventure travel/exotic destination e-zine. Lots of good stuff here."

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Lost in Cyberspace
(article and Recommendation)

France Pratique: Tourisme sur Internet
"C'est un superbe magazine qui est très complet et permet une évasion sans limite sur Internet. On y trouve une "aventure virtuelle", un album photo et un forum"

Video On-line Review: "Forums, quizzes, pictures, travellers' tales and useful addresses. All this and more can be found in this very nice virtual magazine, which makes full use of the interactive nature of on-line communication."

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- Your gateway to the best, the bizarre, and the bloody useful "21st Century Adventures solves those 'where will I go next' dilemmas with essays, pictures and advertising."

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The Weiland Web site of the week (2-2-96 Laurel)

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