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The Ultimate Camping Guide's Top 50 (1 - 10)

Camp Chief Hector

1. Camp Chief Hector
Imagine spending a part of your summer vacation living in a tipi in the mountains, hiking, swimming, canoeing, riding horses, kayaking, and generally having a lot of fun... For sixty-eight years, YMCA Camp Chief Hector has been helping young people to do all these things and more!

URL:  Camp Chief Hector
Wilderness Adventure At Eagle Landing Logo

2. Wilderness Adventure At Eagle Landing
Wilderness Adventure at Eagle Landing: is an all-outdoor adventure program. Located in the Blue Ridge Mountains of Virginia, participants sleep in two person tents each night and challenge themselves in a different activity each day. Experienced instructors teach and lead 12 person groups in rock climbing, rappelling, canoeing, kayaking, caving, mountain biking, high and low ropes, primitive living skills, 50 ft. climbing wall, and a 900 ft. zip line (one of the longest in the world!).

URL:  Wilderness Adventure At Eagle Landing
Camp Highlander Logo

3. Camp Highlander
Camp Highlander provides expert instruction in rock climbing, ropes courses and challenge expeditions. With safety always uppermost, campers learn rope handling, belaying, free climbing, traverses and rappelling at breathtaking sites such as Looking Glass Rock and Devil's Courthouse. Whitewater rafting and kayaking trips down the great Nantahala River are a camp favorite, as are special hikes along the famous Appalachian Trail and days spent exploring places such as Linville Gorge, Shining Rock Wilderness Area and Graveyard Fields.

URL:  Camp Highlander
Camp Olympia Logo

4. Camp Olympia
Camp Olympia caters to the individual interests of each camper. The Olympia program ensures each camper will participate in six to ten activities depending on his/her activity choices and desire for specialization. We encourage individual differences, and we think our list of activity choices reflects this. Our program includes activities such as a challenge course, canoeing, horseback riding, mountain biking, rappelling, SCUBA, and windsurfing.

URL:  Camp Olympia
Camp Echo Lake Logo

5. Camp Echo Lake
Camp Echo Lake is accessible to many superb Adirondack settings for exhilarating outdoor experiences: white-water rafting trips on the Sacandaga River, overnight backpacking expeditions to the High Peaks, caving explorations of Knox Caves, technical climbing at King Philip Rock Climb, basking under the fresh waters of Split Rock Falls. Older groups venture beyond the Adirondacks for special experiences in such beautiful natural settings as the White Mountains of New Hampshire and Cape Cod National Seashore.

URL:  Camp Echo Lake
Adventure Challenge Logo

AVIATION CHALLENGE® is a five-day program packed with aviation training for young people. Activities include intense flight simulation, land survival training, water survival activities, and aviation academics. Lessons include aeronautics, aerodynamics, propulsion, flight physiology, aviation history, aircrew equipment, and ejection procedures. Kids must already be attending classes in the 4th grade and be at least 9 years old. The only other requirement is the desire to have a great time. The kids stay in bunk-bed style dorm rooms in both of our locations -- Alabama (Huntsville) and California (Atwater, on the former Castle Air Force Base). Tuition, which ranges from $550 to $875, includes all meals, lodging, and program materials. It does not cover transportation.

URL:  Aviation Challenge®
Yamnuska Logo

7. Yamnuska Mountain School
Yamnuska has been a presence in the Canadian Rockies since 1977. It began adult 'Wilderness' program at the Rocky Mountain YMCA's Yamnuska Center. Programs included backpacking, rock climbing and mountaineering. Early instructors included James Blench, Barry Blanchard, Dwayne Congdon, Chris Miller, Marni Virtue and Sharon Wood. Quickly gaining momentum the 'Wilderness Program' left the 'Y' and 'Yamnuska Mountain School', a non-profit society directed by Bruce Elkin, was formed and based in Bruce's basement in Canmore. The next years saw a steady evolution as instruction in mountaineering, rock and ice climbing became the core activity with the Fall 'Mountain Skills Semester' an annual event. By the early 80's Yamnuska was at the apex of the instructional market.

Incorporation in the mid-'80's resulted in 'Yamnuska Mountain School Ltd.' In 1988 a New Zealand guide, David Begg, who had recently emigrated to Canada purchased the company and renamed it Yamnuska Inc. to reflect its wider goals. Since then the company has grown by leaps and bounds as its dedication to quality and service has resulted in more and more satisfied guests spreading the word about the great adventures they had in the Canadian Rockies and other parts of the world with Yamnuska.

Yamnuska is the popular name for the mountain guarding the Bow River's exit from the Rockies. This Stoney Indian word has been taken to mean 'wall of stone' or 'mountain standing alone'. Yamnuska mountain is also famous for its many fine climbing routes.

URL:  Yamnuska Mountain School
Space Logo

8. Space Camp®
During your five-day stay, you’ll learn about the academics, emotions and physical requirements it takes to be an astronaut. But at SPACE CAMP®, you don’t just hear about what an astronaut does, you’ll do what an astronaut does! You’ll get strapped into the 5 Degrees of Freedom simulator to train for an extravehicular activity (a space walk to most people). Experience what it takes to move around on the moon in the 1/6th Gravity Trainer. Try your hand at controlling the Manned Maneuvering Unit (MMU)...the backpack that allows astronauts to work untethered from the shuttle. And spin like crazy in the Multi-Axis Trainer to feel what it’s like to tumble in a spacecraft.

URL:  Space Camp®
Camp Juliet Lowe Logo

9. Camp Juliette Lowe
Camp Juliette Low is a private, non-profit summer camp for girls ages 7 to 17, accredited by the American Camping Association. CJL provides campers with fun and exciting ways to become more confident and competent, individually and in groups, through our one-week and two-week outdoor residential programs. Juliette Gordon Low, founder of this camp and of the Girl Scouts, picked the location of CJL herself. The camp is located in the northwest corner of Georgia in one of the most beautiful spots in the southeastern United States.

URL:  Camp Juliette Lowe

10. Camp Calvin
We have many different types of camps. Ranging from day camp through to adventure camps and senior high camps. There is surely something for every young person at the Calvin Center in the summer. (All camps are based on having completed that grade)

URL:  Camp Calvin

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