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The Ultimate Camping Guide's Top 50 (11 - 20)

K2 Logo

11. K2 Snowboard Camp
Have you ever gone snowboarding in the middle of July? How about following E-Tree or Brian Savard through the half-pipe? You can do both by attending one of the four summer camps sponsored by K2!

URL:  K2 Snowboard Camp
Alpin Girl Logo

12. AlpinGirl
Adventurous summer camps for teenage girls! Alpengirl is the ONLY summer camp for teen adventure committed 100% to girls! Our cutting-edge summer camp program is designed for motivated girls interested in adventure sports perfectly blended with fitness and wilderness. Two and three-week teen camps in Montana, Washington, and Alaska welcome young women of all ability levels between the ages of 12-16 years. Adventure Camps, Horse Camp, Fitness Camp. Be an Alpengirl, be a Mountain Goddess!

URL:  AlpinGirl
Outward Bound Logo

13. Outward Bound
Even in an environment as untamed as the wilderness, there's a method to our madness. Every component of an Outward Bound course helps you first understand yourself better, then teaches you how to reach out and help the others on your team. It's this combination that helps you see things with new eyes, and makes Outward Bound the incredible experience it is.

URL:  Outward Bound

Cape Cod Sea Camps 

14. Cape Cod Sea Camps
This is one of those places that just can't miss. Besides having a first-rate administration and staff and a sound educational philosophy, Cape Cod Sea camps is located on a private Cape Cod Beach surrounded by 60 acres of coastal woodland... This is an insitution that works very well because everybody feels like an important part of the team, and everybody is encouraged constantly. If for some reason, somebody forgets, the camp motto is posted above the stage for all to see: "I Can and I Will."

URL:  Cape Cod Sea Camps
Guppy Gulch Logo

15. Summer Camp at Guppy Gulch
The Aquatic Adventure Camp at Guppy Gulch is not your typical summer camp. It is a private, co-educational, residential Camp specializing in SCUBA diving and kayaking instruction. No previous experience is required and all diving and kayaking equipment is provided.

URL:  Summer Camp at Guppy Gulch

16. Camp Catherine Capers
Campers enjoy our multi specialty program which includes riding and swimming and many other activities offered throughout our 90 acre campus. Camp fires, Cook outs, Day excursions and Overnight camping trips are scattered through out each week. Some, but not all campers choose to compete in either Intercamp or community horse shows.

URL:  Camp Catherine Capers
Camas Logo

17. Camp Camas
The Iona Community's adventure centre on Mull offers and exciting outdoor experience for young people and is particularly appreciated by those from urban backgrounds. Situated about three miles from Iona and twenty minutes walk over a moor from the road end, the stone-built salmon fishing station at Camas bay provides accommodation for up to 16 guests. The emphasis is on outdoor activities, and the closeness to nature.

URL:  Camp Camas
Camp Chief Ouray Logo

18. Camp Chief Ouray
With over 90 years of dedication to boys and girls, CCO offers the height of camp experience and reward. Your children provide the curiosity, individuality and excitement. Camp Chief Ouray provides the stepping stones to use these qualities to reach their goals. Camp Chief Ouray offers a chance to participate in rafting, mtn biking, backpacking, and ocean adventures.

URL:  Camp Chief Ouray
Spring Hill Logo

19. Spring Hill
Spring Hill offers camping experiences from extreme sports, like bmx and inline skating to high adventure climbing, rappelling, rafting, biking and more. Spring Hill offers three levels of alpha expeditions to Wyoming, Wisconsin, Maine, Colorado and Canada for young travelers and inclusion programs for individuals with special needs.

URL:  Spring Hill
Adventure Ireland Logo

20. Adventure Ireland
Our adventure program, based at Delphi Adventure Centre in County Galway, offers an exhilarating experience of the great outdoors. Many of our students, returning year after year, will confirm that Advenyure Ireland is unique and special - giving the best of Ireland to each visitor, and sharing with them the values of friendship, respect, love of nature, music, fun, and the ancient pulse of the Irish heart beating its unique song for all.

URL:  Adventure Ireland

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