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Writers Guidelines

I. Manuscripts

  1. Length is NOT important. CONTENT is!
  2. We DO NOT accept fiction.
  3. Look at our archive of photographs and articles for examples of what we look for.
  4. All articles must be submitted to editorial@21stCenturyAdventures.com in ASCII format in English or via post mail with an SASE.
  5. Please gear your article toward exotic locations and/or adventure travel. Our magazine is read by people who are active and have a love of nature. Exotic is in the eye of the beholder and because we are a global publication your own home town is probably exotic to someone else in the world! For example: Shopping in Seoul, Korea or London, England is NOT an article we'd print. However, hiking the hills in and around Georgia, USA is.
  6. Sidebar information is very important to our readers. Please include it with every article on a separate page or at the end of an article. We want all the facts: Where to and not to stay, prices, good dive operations, outfitters who are less than reputable, etc. When you do your sidebar info. ask yourself if the reader can book and do exactly what you did with the information you are providing. The answer must be YES.

II. Photos & Video

  1. Photos can be in any format but we prefer them in either .gif or .jpg. Video must be in .avi, .rm or QT format. If you do not have scanning or capture ability prints and tape can be sent via the postal system to:
    "21st Century Adventures"
    ATTN.: Submissions
    1116 N 27 Place
    Renton, WA 98056

    If you wish to have these returned please send an SASE. DO NOT SEND NEGATIVES OR SLIDES!
  2. Photos must be clear, of GOOD COMPUTER QUALITY, and enhance your article.
  3. No more than 5 photos per article.

III. Pay, Copyright, Etc.

  1. We purchase the right to print and archive your article ONLY! Your copyright will remain at the bottom along with a mailto link so readers can contact you for more information. We do not care if you submit it elsewhere if that publisher doesn't. We accept previously printed articles but will hold the author entirely responsible for all legal disputes arising from the reselling of past rights. Check past contracts on work that has been previously published!
  2. We currently DO NOT send writers on assignment nor do we accept articles on spec.
  3. Replies within 4 weeks
  4. Pays during publication
  5. Please ALWAYS include a cover letter or email and brief biography (1 paragraph) with your submission
  6. Upon acceptance of an article you will be both sent and emailed a written contract. You MUST sign and return it via the postal system. Signatures are still not acceptable via fax or modem - We need it in hardcopy for it to be a legal contract. We request a brief biography ( no more than 2 to 3 paragraphs) to be sent along with it. This will also be published along the lines of the back cover or page of a book regarding its author.
  7. Our BASE PAY RATES are as follows:
    (we are a small internet publication. Our rates are not high but we feel that getting paid something is important!)
    1. Articles - $15.00 US
    2. Articles with photos - $20.00 US
    3. Articles with Video &/or Sound - $20.00 US

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